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A journey to a foreign world


Martin must become an adult and quickly. The financial future of his family unexpectedly falls to him. What no one could have foreseen is the perils he will have to face, not only to his life but also to his sanity and moral fiber.


Old enemies eye each other across a narrow channel. The armies will soon march. But first, the lines must be drawn—who are the enemies and allies? The English seize territory to deny the French bases and resources, and neutral nations are the first victims of the coming conflict. But in the forgotten corners of the World, blood is also spilled over gold and slaves.


A young man, a boy really, experiences love and the promise of permanent relationships. He meets three very different women and learns to love each for her unique qualities. He must choose between them, but is he the one who gets to make the decision?

T. Hoyem

Author of historical fiction (and hopefully fantasy / sci-fi)

Three Sheets to the Wind is my first attempt at writing fiction. My inspiration was George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle's books about the endearing Brigadier Gerard. I also pay homage to the once-popular, but now obscure, Norwegian author Øvre Richter Frich, as well as Øyvind Myhre. The former is known for his stories about the larger-than-life Dr. Jonas Fjeld, while the latter has written a special favorite of mine: "De siste tider" (Loosely translated as "The end of time".)

It is my hope that some will find my story entertaining.

Works in progress

From the many story ideas I've jotted down, these have received some degree of attention.

A Time for Reason

A supernatural thriller set in England, 1888

A scarred and crippled heiress is left near destitute and must fend for herself.

A murder and an encounter with a successful author sets her on a course to uncover a conspiracy of near-incomprehensible magnitude.

Although I've written/drafted the first 2-3 chapters, it's on the back burner for now.

Heart of Oak

A knight of Faerie instigates a series of events that might destroy both the human realm and Faerie. But who is really the mastermind acting behind the scenes?

The half-dryad Ethiene is compelled to seek the destruction of humanity by the rage of her dying mother, the Grand Oak.

Menwhile, her father, the Faerie lord Alenchar discovers that things are horribly wrong in Faerie and other mythical realms.