Three Sheets to the Wind – eBook edition

This is my first historical novel.

Set in 1800, we follow the voyage of a young man from a sheltered childhood into manhood. It is important that the modern reader keep in mind that children of Martin’s age were expected to take on back-breaking labor and participate in wars.

The novel is written as a dramatized diary, and the backdrop is the West-African slave trade and the opening shots of the Napoleonic Wars. I’ve made no attempt at passing commentary on the events from a 21st-century point of view.

Although I have tried to describe actual locations and historical figures as delivered by the sources I have found, I’ve also taken artistic liberties as needed. For example, the violent event described at Accra did not take place but is based on a similar event that took place at another time.

I chose to write in English, hoping that the story would have a general appeal, despite the “funny” North-European names.

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Three Sheets To The Wind

  • Meaning: On a three-masted ship, having the sheets of the three lower courses loose will result in the ship meandering aimlessly downwind.
  • Meaning: A sailor who has drunk strong spirits beyond his capacity.
  • The sheets also refer to the characters of Sophia, Gabriella, and Vilhelmine.


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Coming of age. War. Intrigue. Slavery. Romance. Exotic locations. Attempts at humor. It’s all here!

When I started writing, I had high hopes of earning a living from writing. Today, I know that only a tiny fraction of authors are lucky and/or skilled enough to do so.

Hoping to give a few people a little entertainment in these troubling times, I’m giving the ePub version away for free for a while. The offer will expire sometime in 2021.

A great story.

My mom