Serial mistake?

Way back in 2018 when I was still young, naive, and starry-eyed (as opposed to 2021, when I’m old and cynical) I envisioned churning out novel after novel and making a series of The Northman.

Much too late I realized that the subject is much too obscure to gain an audience. Fortunately, although Three Sheets wastes a few pages by building background and introducing minor events that go nowhere in that particular story, it stands on its own.

However, I recently learned that it can hurt a book’s sales badly if the potential audience sees your book as the first in a series or trilogy. That makes sense to me and I’ll rename the book before publishing the print-on-demand edition on Amazon.

The title will now be The Northman – Three Sheets to the Wind as opposed to the current The Northman 1 – Three Sheets to the Wind. That means I’ll have to republish the Kindle-edition, and the same goes for Smashwords.